The Touch Pad With Mouse Features

For some this is going to be a blast from the past, it is a long time since the numeric touch pad was used on a daily basis it was probably its limited applications that killed it off. Well it seems that demand is high for this device because its back and with more useful features such as; mouse actions, shortcuts, zoom and scroll! It looks pretty cool too and it comes in black or white, so no matter what flavour your computer is, this device will fit in.

These are the details on the touch and mouse pad;

Sanwa’s USB Numeric Touch Pad Mouse is a square of convenience as it acts as not only a mouse, but as a numeric keypad and holds shortcuts for easy execution of the most common functions: cut, copy, and paste. It can even zoom in and scroll through any pages on your screen. Want to see the page a little bigger? No problem, just hold on to the top right where the zoom in/out function can be found. This will definitely save space on your desk as the need for a mouse and a numeric key pad is no longer needed for the right (or left) of your keyboard!

This handy gadget is going to cost you around $67 (£43)

The Touch Pad With Mouse FeaturesThe Touch Pad With Mouse FeaturesThe Touch Pad With Mouse FeaturesThe Touch Pad With Mouse Features

Source: Geek Stuff 4U