One Pocket Knife Many Uses!

It makes no difference if you are out camping or just hiking, there comes a point where you need to eat and this throws up all sorts of issues, such as carrying cutlery, utensils and other cookery tools, so much of the time some people tend to not bother! This cool cutlery knife means that everything you need is all in one place, there is even a detachable fork and spoon so eating those beans can be so much more civilised.

This is what you get from this handy piece of kit;

Seven functions: Knife, spoon, fork, can opener, corkscrew, bottle opener and screwdriver

ABS handle

Stainless steel parts

Black nylon pouch with magnetic closure

Knife and can opener locking system

This all in one cutlery knife is going to cost you around $23 (£15).

One Pocket Knife Many Uses!One Pocket Knife Many Uses!One Pocket Knife Many Uses!One Pocket Knife Many Uses!

Source: Cool Material

Written by David Allen

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