Charge Up To Six Devices At Once With Powerqube

With so many devices requiring a power up via a USB port, it can be difficult to charge all of your devices at once due the lack of USB ports available. The Powerqube offers the user six USB ports that not only give your Smartphone’s and tablets a charge, these ports sense when additional power is needed such as when connected to an iPad for instance! This is a must have device for the office and home, making searching for an empty USB port a thing of the past.

Here is how the Powerqube will work;

The POWERQUBE is the only product on the market today that allows you to plug in 6 devices at one time while charging 3 devices, including 2 iPads, in any of the 3 USB ports. How does it do that you ask? It’s a smart device that senses the additional power requirements and sends the power to the USB port eliminating the need to mark the USB ports with “Standard” and “Tablet” indicators.

The Powerqube is currently available on Kickstarter, where backers pledging just $30 (£20) will be able to get one of the first models off the production line.

Source: Pwr Qube