Going On A Trek? Take Google Street View Trekker With You!

Here is a chance of a lifetime to take the Google Street View Trekker equipment on a trek. This is part of cool pilot programme that allows groups and organisations borrow the Google gear to record their journey for inclusion into Google Maps, just fill out the form and see what happens! Looking for more information? Then check out this cool video that shows how the Google equipment can be used.

According to the special Google Street View page;

If you represent an organization such as a tourism board, non-profit, government agency, university or research group that would like to take photos with the Trekker for future inclusion on Google Maps, please fill out this form. Tell us more about your proposed locations and upcoming trips, and we’ll get back to you if/when there’s an opportunity for us to partner with you on a Trekker collection. Thanks!

Source: Google Street View Trekker Projects

Written by David Allen

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