Finally There Are Plans To Build A Working Hover Board

In 1989, Back to the Future Part II was released; it followed on from the previous movie except on this occasion 2015 was the destination! It was here where we first see the hover board used by Marty McFly in this and the final movie. Well, it seems that this is one prediction from the movie could be coming true! This is because on the crowd funding site Indiegogo, there is a project that promises to build a working hover board to be launched at a spectacular party in the summer of 2015! How cool is this?

This is why the Hover Board is ready to be made;

The technology needed to make a real working Hoverboard already exists, it’s just very expensive and not easily obtainable right now. Well, that’s one of the key things that we want to solve with this project. We want to spend the time and effort to figure out exactly what is needed and focus on bringing that technology down to a price that is affordable and obtainable. By making this an open source project, we can share all the information collected along the way and have users from all over the world contributing to help out.

So how much is a hover board going to cost? Well on Indiegogo, you can bag one of the first hover boards off the production line in 2015 for just $10,000 (£6,600).

Source: Indiegogo