Mozilla Launches The Firefox Smartphone OS

Many people are used to the Firefox browser; it was the first real alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer! However, Firefox has been struggling since the launch of Google Chrome and so, the logical next step for Mozilla would be to venture into the Smartphone operating system market. That time has now come with the launch of the all new Firefox OS, that promises to help the user gain control of their online experience and offer a superior browsing experience, let’s wait and see if that is true!

This is what the Firefox OS will be offering the Smartphone user;

Your needs change from one moment to the next. That’s why Firefox OS does the same. It gives you the power to live every moment to its fullest and participate in a better world. Firefox OS anticipates your needs, adapts to every situation and instantly delivers the information you want. That includes popular, big name apps, but also local content that means the most to you and your life.

Source: Mozilla