The Flashlight Powered By Body Heat

The Google Science Fair is a good place to find new and exciting ideas, but what makes it even better is the event has just three age groups; 13 to 14, 15 to 16 and 17 to 18! One of this year’s finalists is fifteen year old Ann Makosinski, a Canadian student who has come up with an idea for flashlight that requires no batteries at all. Instead, it uses body heat; in fact, the body will produce enough energy to power three LED’s, which is exactly what this thermoelectric flashlight has.

This is what Ann Makosinski, has to say about the video;

My submission for the Google Science Fair. A 2 minute summary of my project. And I apologize for my weird “vault” accent everyone is debating over . We have these accents down west, y’all….

We think that this is a great idea!

Source: Walyou