The Kreyos Gesture And Voice Controlled Watch

You could think that this watch design has been influenced by the original series of Star Trek and you would be right! This is the new Kreyos watch, it is colourful, stylish and it will respond to gesture and voice! Beam me up Scotty! The hardest thing to decide will be which colour to choose and the rest is easy.

Here is a little bit of information on the cool looking smart watch with voice and gesture control features;

Since the first time Captain Kirk spoke into his “communicator,” people have dreamed of using their voice to control communications.  As the only waterproof, interactive smart watch to feature a microphone and speaker, the Kreyos Meteor is the first to allow you to control your Smartphone – and your Smartphone functions – remotely using voice commands.

Once this goes on sale in the stores, it is going to cost around $169 (£111), but early birds can get one for just $119 (£79) by backing the project on Indiegogo.

Source: Indiegogo