When It Comes To Social Media The #TweetingBadger Knows Best

If you are thinking that a badger could not possible, know anything about social media then check out @zootweetslive this is the official Twitter page for BG the Tweeting Badger! Oh yes, it really is. Based at Johannesburg Zoo, BG has built up around five and half thousand followers, which is not bad going for badger! Check out his story below in the video below and no it’s not April!

Want to know more about the badger who is into social media in a big way;

Specially designed sensors inside BG’s the Badger’s enclosure pick up on his location and automatically trigger tweets from his Twitter account, in real-time. Learn about the Joburg Zoo from a badger’s point of view. Follow the World’s First LIVE Tweeting Badger on Twitter @zootweetslive or #tweetingbadger.

Source: Buzz Feed

Written by David Allen

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