Wireless Charger Makes Your iPhone Appear To Float!

There are hundreds of chargers and holders for the iPhone around, but there are none like the E-Fusion! This interesting idea, supports the device firmly allowing it to be used and charged, yet the device itself appears to be floating in the air with no support whatsoever, but the trick is that its all done with magnets. Not only that, the E-Fusion works in the car, home or on the bike making sure that it can seen and used whenever it is needed.

If you are looking for some features, then we have them! Check out the specs below;

Wireless connection! No dangling wires to clutter your car or your desk

True USB connection let you sync with iTunes or download your photos with no additional wires to plug in!

Keep your phone charged whether in your car, home, office…

Quickly rotate from portrait to landscape while maintaining electrical contact

Fully adjustable docks let you orient your phone just right

Dock and undock easily! Our heavy base doesn’t follow your phone

Finally use the GPS without worrying about draining your battery!

Powerful magnets keep you phone in place while biking around town (6 Lbs of pull force to hold the 5 oz phone in place)

Replaces the original phone connector with our sturdier version

1/4-20 tripod mount under the Universal Dock makes it easy to keep the same setting for your podcast videos, etc.

Keep the same docks regardless of which brand of phone you go to next or which new connector the manufacturer decide to use (just get the appropriate case for your phone)

Home, office, car, bike, boat, wall, tripod, etc.

Early birds can get their hands on one of these E-Fusion chargers by backing the project with just $45 (£30).

Source: Indiegogo

Written by David Allen

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