The iHere Will Find Your Lost Stuff For You

It is no fun losing your stuff; it is not even funny when you cannot find your car in the car park either. Therefore, this is where the handy iHere comes in, simply attach the device to your valuable items, car, pet or anything else that you want to keep an eye and the app does the rest for you. It may not stop you from losing stuff, but the iHere will certainly help you find it fast and before it’s too late.

Here are the details on this very handy little device;

The iHere has a reach of 100 feet, and lithium polymer battery that supports continuous usage for 40 days or 3-month standby. Besides, you can charge the battery with the USB cable. The iHere app will automatically notify you if the iHere is running low on battery.

This device is set to retail at around $50 (£34), but backers of the project can get one with a pledge of just $25 (£17).

Source: Indiegogo