The Smartphone Speaker System Made From An Old Cigar Box

Sometimes we do not want what everyone else has, but trying to find something that is totally different and practical can be hard. However, if you are searching for a cool speaker system for your Smartphone, then this one could be for you. It is based on an old wooden cigar box and is just less than seven inches in length. These are original cigar boxes and so you can expect different levels of wear and tear, which all adds up to a very unique battery powered Smartphone speaker system.

Here are some details on this most unusual Smartphone speaker system;

This cool little amplifier was designed specifically with smart phones in mind! Built into a beautiful all-wood Arturo Fuente 858 cigar box, this amp runs on a 9-volt battery and accepts input via a standard 3.5 mm stereo jack (standard headphone size jack) which almost all modern smart phones have. These little amps put out a surprisingly loud sound considering they run off a single 9-volt, and we include an adjustable Tone/Gain control to help you fine-tune the sound!

If you want one these cigar box amplifiers then it is going to cost you around $50 (£34).

Source: Etsy