The Ziphius Water Drone With Built In HD Camera

The idea of a drone often means lots of money, but this technology is becoming smaller, practical and therefore, affordable too. This is the Ziphius Aquatic Drone, it is as cool as it looks. Although the size might be a bit of let down, if you are expecting something massive. One a single charge it will give around an hour of power at a top speed of 6 MPH, it is controlled from a smartphone or tablet using the free app, there is however a 300 ft range so watch out for that and there is the bonus of the built in HD camera system that can take video and images of the journey.

Here is what the personal Ziphius drone will do;

Imagine the cutest gadget ever: an app controlled drone that responds to your smartphone or tablet commands in real-time. It allows you to see more than meets the eye and take pictures or videos of your aquatic experiences. Ziphius™ is easy to play with. Its processing power allows you to play augmented reality apps, where you can explore virtual worlds. Like a pet, it expresses its emotions and shows autonomous behaviors.

The Ziphius can be found on Kickstarter where pledges from $199 (£133) will qualify for one of these devices.

Source: Uncrate