Build Your Own Small Sail Boat

For anyone who is interested in sailing, building their own boat might sound like a dream and yet it might also be out of their reach too! However, the Balmain Boat Company (BBCo) have designed a cool sail boat building kit, it takes around thirty hours of work to get this on the water, but it looks like it might be worth it!

This is what you will be getting with the BBCo Sailboat Kit;

Detailed plans and informative construction notes

Precision-cut plywood

Stainless steel screws

Square copper nails

Silicon-bronze nails

Two-part epoxy glue

Cups and stirrers for preparing the glue

Three tubes of Sikaflex premium marine adhesive/sealant

Disposable gloves

Sail and rope

Mast, boom and gaff

This neat little boat kit is going to cost you around $2,600 (£1,750).

Source: Balmain Boat Company