Finally Google Street View Goes Down Diagon Alley!

This is must for film fans and in particular, those fans of a certain boy wizard named Harry Potter! Because, Google have managed to take a stroll down the famous Diagon Alley from the movies with one of their Street View cameras! There is not much going on, but it is interesting to see the street when there is nobody around, although in the shadows there might be some surprises in store.

Here is some info from the WB Studio Tour website;

People the world-over have been enchanted by the Harry Potter films for nearly a decade. The wonderful special effects and amazing creatures have made this iconic series beloved to both young and old – and now, for the first time, the doors are open for everyone at the studio where it first began. You’ll have the chance to go behind-the-scenes and see many things the camera never showed.

Source: WB Studio Tour