Looking To Cause Chaos? Then You Need The Annoyinator!

With something called the Annoyinator, you might expect it to have been designed by a Dennis The Menace type character. Well it has been designed by twelve year old Henry Crome with the help of his father, Caleb! The Annoyinator will direct amplified sound from your iPhone up to three hundred feet away, so you can see the sort of fun that is going to be available with this device!

This is what the Annoyinator will be able to do with the help of your smartphone;

The Annoyinator let his iPod Touch (5th gen) slide right in and it do exactly what Henry wanted it to do:  It really ‘shoots’ the sound in the direction you point it, and it also tremendously amplifies the sound.  We also designed a couple versions, one for iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, and iPod Touch (5th gen).

At the moment, the Annoyinator can only be purchased through the crowd funding site Kickstarter, where a pledge of just $20 (£14) will be enough.

Source: Annoyinator