Some Plug In And Play Fun For The Raspberry Pi!

In the early days of personal computing the problem was that these devices did very little and the same can be said for the cool Raspberry Pi computer. Once you have it, what do you do? Well to help them on the way there is this interesting device called the Pi LITE! This device requires little set up and programming skills and yet it will provide the Raspberry Pi user with an interesting piece of kit to play with.

Here just a few things that you can do with this brilliant Pi Lite White display;

Your twitter feed in real time (see code below)

“Get off my chuff” message the car hanging off your bumper!

Some games are possible such as pong, Tetris etc

Status screens/icons from a distance

Daylight visible where LCD cant be seen

Bargraphs, VU meter and other dashboard type apps

And so much more

This interesting peice of kit for the cool Raspberry Pi computer can be bought from just $33 (£22) on Kickstarter.

Source: Open Mircos