The BANDit Case For iPhone Owners

When you first take a look at the BANDit case, it looks more or less like any other case. But then you notice that there are bands attached to it and this is something different altogether. The bands are there to act as a handle, but they can also be used to hold things and to hook the device safely over an object to allow hands free operation.

Why would you choose the BANDit Case;

The BANDit Case is a simple, slim case designed for the iPhone 5, which allows PROTECTION BY PREVENTION, by providing bands on each side of the phone to prevent you from dropping your phone. While the main purpose of the BANDit Case is to prevent your phone from being dropped, it also has many other functions.

We do not know what the retail price of this case will be, but you can get one on Kickstarter from just $25 (£17).

Source: The BANDit Case