Is This The Smallest USB Data Cable Available

The USB is being used more than ever these days, especially as our Smartphone’s and tablet devices really on being charged via a USB cable. Therefore, it stands to reason that there is a market for a neat and compact USB data and power cable. This is where the CulCharge is hoping to step in and clean up, not only is this cable neat it actually looks cool too! What more could you want from a data and power cable?

Here are some of the specs for this little but very useful USB CulCharge data cable;

SMALL – just 2.3″ (6 cm) long, ultrathin. COOL – modern minimalistic design. UNIVERSAL – for almost every mobile device currently on the market, charge from almost every USB device. AFFORDABLE – reasonable price for everybody. Pre-order CulCharge for you, your family and friends.

This tiny USB charging and data cable is available on Indiegogo from just $16 (£11) for a short while.

Source: Indiegogo

Written by David Allen

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