The MaCool Cool Box In The Style Of A Mac

This is a brilliant mash up of retro Apple computing and the need for a nice cool drink on hot days. This is the MaCool, it looks like an Apple Mac computer, it even comes with stickers designed to look like the classic Mac screen. However, open the top and you find cool drinks instead of cool technology, yet it works and who is not going to take any notice of someone walking down the street with an Apple Mac computer!

According to Scott Stefan, the MD of Strine Ltd, he said;

When we took the MaCool prototype around the city to show people, they were instantly intrigued and wanted to check it out. Many people got it instantly; however, some people appeared as though they had no idea what it was. We believe these people were suffering from HIDS (Historical Iconic Disassociation Syndrome; the temporary laps of memory to intentionally forget all relevant historical, iconic things, to make the other person feel old 🙂

You can buy a MaCool on Kickstarter from just $40 (£27).

Source: Cool Material