The Raspberry Pi Powered Microwave Is Here!

We are fans of the cool and small Raspberry Pi computer and yet so often we here from owners of this tiny device that there is little that can be done with it! Well, thanks to developer Nathan Broadbent, there is definitely one more thing that the Raspberry Pi can used for and it is at the heart of a microwave! Yes, this is the Raspberry Pi powered microwave, it’s connect to the internet, has its own Twitter account and it has a webpage so that the user is able to control it from their Smartphone! This has to be one of the coolest microwaves around!

According to Nathan Broadbent, this is what he has achieved so far;

Re-designed touchpad. Nicer sounds. Clock is automatically updated from the internet. Can be controlled with voice commands. Can use a barcode scanner to look up cooking instructions from an online database. There weren’t any online microwave cooking databases around, so I made one: The microwave has a web page so you can control it from your phone (why not), and set up cooking instructions for products. Tweets after it’s finished cooking something (See

Source: Techcrunch