The iPhone Case With A Shock In Store

This is the Yellow Jacket case for the iPhone, at first it appears to be just like any other protective Smartphone case. However, there are two cool features ready to be used, the first is the built in battery pack has enough juice to fully charge the phones battery and secondly, there is the built in stun gun that delivers a 650k shock! It is not going to go down well in some in places, but for anyone who feels threatened it could make a difference.

Here are the features for the Yellow Jacket iPhone case;

Yellow Jacket™ is a 650k volt stun gun concealed inside an iPhone™ case. Yellow Jacket™ has 2 safety features that help prevent accidental discharge while being easily deployable in an instant. The external battery can charge your iphone for up to one full extra battery charge. – See more at:

This interesting case idea will be priced at around $140 (£93).

Source: Yellow Jacket Case