The K3 Black Box System For Your Car

Today driving can be very costly and accidents can be disputed leading to long drawn out cases that cost in time and money. However, one thing that should be able to help is a video recording of any event that takes place. If nothing else comes of it, at least you will have a record of exactly what took place stored on a SD card to help you out in any dispute that may occur.

Here are the main details for this useful in car tool;

The K3 in-car video recorder will help you settle any driving disputes. Once mounted on the windscreen of your car, this device is capable of recording up to 2 hrs of video on a 2GB of micro SD card in MPEG4 (AVI) format with VGA resolution (640 x480) @20 fps. It is equipped with Color CMOS sensor, G-sensor as well as a built-in microphone allowing audio recording as well.

This handy on board camera will cost you around $217 (£144).

Source: Geek Stuff 4U