The Smoke Absorber For The Office Smokers

For the smoker working in an office must be a torment, but when there is nobody around the temptation must be there more than ever! Therefore, what about this cool idea, it is a device that plugs into the computers USB port and for the smoker it makes sure that any smoke or odour is totally eliminated. We not saying that you cannot smoke at work, but we all like to get away thing certain things now and then, don’t we?

These are the features for the smokers USB powered carbon filter;

It is about a “smoke absorber”, under which you put your own ashtray, and a 5-volt fun, in conjunction with a carbon filter, “capture” the smoke of your cigarette. Thus, the atmosphere is kept fresh and the people around do not complain!!! The only thing you have to do, is to connect it with the USB gate of your P/C! Dimensions are 5,1″ * 5,1″ ( 13cm * 13cm )

This cool tool for smokers is priced at around $36 (£24).

Source: Etsy