Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Twitter Accounts

Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Twitter Accounts

Twitter may have grown into one of the world’s premier professional tools for marketing, communication and promotion but let’s never forget that it’s also a great place for giving yourself a good laugh too.

There’s no shortage of genuinely hilarious tweeters out there; from comedians and comedy actors to the parody accounts and the celebs who happen to be as unintentionally amusing as they are dim! However, we’ve assembled a top 10 list of the accounts that are our ‘guilty pleasure’ favourites as they provide anything from a wry chuckle when we need it most on a Monday morning to a full-on belly laugh for that Friday feeling!

Follow them, enjoy and thank us later.

The Dark Lord @Lord_Voldemort7


He’s brooding, brilliant and more than a little amusing. The Dark Lord takes a satirical swipe at celeb society and current events with a Harry Potter twist.

James Martin @Pundamentalism


If you’re all about puns and clever wordplay, then James Martin is here for you. There’s a number of groaners in there for sure but it’s pun-ishingly funny stuff!

Picard Tips @PicardTips


Get all the cool, suave and sophisticated management tips of Jean-Luc Picard condensed into one easy-to-follow Twitter account.

DeathStar PR @DeathStarPR


It’s no easy task getting good press for the Death Star, but their PR team somehow manage to put a positive spin on planetary destruction.

Alan Garner @AlanHungover


Recent superstar of ‘The Hangover’ trilogy, Alan brings his no-holds-barred approach to Twitter. Keeping up with current affairs, there isn’t a subject that Alan doesn’t poke some, often surprisingly intellectual, fun at.

Lord Alan Sugar @Lord_Sugar


He’s the king of the boardroom one-liners; Lord Alan Sugar is an avid twitter user and often lets the microblogging community feel the edge of his trademark wit.

The Batman @TheBatman


Get the inside scoop on what it’s like being the Dark Knight on a day-to-day basis. The Caped Crusader brings all of his outcast comedy to Twitter in order to protect the community from the perils of being bored.

Charlie Sheen @charliesheen


After his spectacular public meltdown and subsequent kicking of all the drugs, Charlie Sheen has somehow managed to propel himself into the Twitter stratosphere with a mixture of truly baffling tweets that are often as amusing as they are incomprehensible.

Matthew Inman @Oatmeal


The creator of The Oatmeal online comic sensation, Matthew Inman has a very endearing if warped sense of humour that makes his Twitter account a haven from Monday morning blues. May contain adorable quirkiness.

Cheryl Kerl @CherylKerl


This phonetic parody account of what Geordie Goddess Cheryl Cole thinks and says is dynamite. Every tweet is golden as it’s spelled out in the lovable Geordie patois.

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