Cover Google Glass With A Cool GlassKap

Once Google Glass becomes widely available, it is inevitable that some folks are going to feel that their privacy is being invaded. So what is the solution this social issue? Well GlassKap think that they have the answer with their interesting 3D printed covers, they come in fun shapes and sizes that will take the eye of the Google Glass and focus on the GlassKap instead!

Here is some more info on the GlassKap according to the Kickstarter page;

GlassKap is a plastic, perfectly formed lens cover for Google Glass. GlassKap provides a visual cue to your friends and those around you that you are neither recording them nor snapping pictures with the blink of an eye. The Kaps come in vibrant, noticeable colors that put people at ease. While the Kap is snapped, no recording can happen.

Prices start from around $20 (£14) on the crowd funding site Kickstarter

Source: Custom 3D Stuff