Everlapse The Addictive Free App For iPhone Owners

Everlapse The Addictive Free App For iPhone Owners

Owning and using a Smartphone is more than just making phone calls and sending the odd SMS. These devices are powerful cameras and yet a collection of images can be slightly boring. But with this free Everlapse app, iPhone owners can create a cool clips in the form of flip books and albums ready for sharing or building a collaborative clips with your friends and family.

This is what you can do with the free Everlapse app;

Everlapse is great for lots of things. Some of our favourites include: Flip books – Stop-motion and time-lapse clips. We added a really cool tracing feature that makes it easy to line up the camera with the latest photo in the clip. Photo albums – Clips of photos at a concert or fun night out with friends. Current status games – Collaborative clips that capture what your friends are doing, eating, wearing, or experiencing.

This is a free app that is available from iTunes now.

Source: Everlapse

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