Find What You Want Fast With Snaplay!

In today’s busy world, we are all looking for stuff fast and this free app available on iTunes could be a cool way of finding the content you want in a snap! This is Snaplay, find, watch and share cool stuff in a snap, simply take an image of what you have found and the app will search out relevant information! It is cool and fun, that is Snaplay for you.

This what you can expect to be getting from the Snaplay app;

Find and play relevant content instantly- without a text search or using a QR code/ NFC

Keep your 5 most recent Snaps and Plays, or purchase the full version for unlimited

Share Snaps and Plays with friends

Searches YouTube for video

Searches Spotify for music (premium account required)

Even searches your own music collection!

This is a free app available from the iTunes Store right now.

Source: Snaplay

Written by David Allen

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