The Eco Friendly Fire Extinguisher That You Throw!

When a fire breaks out, you seconds to react and grabbing the wrong thing can simply make things worse. So, what about this piece of kit, it is a fire extinguisher that you throw into the fire and like a blanket, it covers the flames and puts the fire out! It is the Satto 119 eco from the Japan based Bonex simply throw and watch the flames go out fast.

Here are the features for the Eco Throwable Fire Extinguisher;

Contains: ammonium phosphate dibasic, ammonium bicarbonate, others

Suitable for early-stage small fires of combustible materials. It is NOT effective against burning oils, fires in the open or fires in advanced stage.

Not that the ampoule is very fragile and will almost always break if dropped, even without force

Weight: around 620g (21.9 oz)

Life: 5 years

Made in Japan

Instructions: Japanese

Please note that while the product is very effective, it is not 100% guaranteed to extinguish a fire immediately. It is not a substitute for the emergency services.

This emergency throwing extinguisher is going to cost around $61 (£40).

Source: Japan Trend Shop