Classic Radio That Doubles As A Speaker For The iPhone

Here is a cool thing that combines the retro style of this classic looking Dansette Gem Radio, with the technology that allows it to be used as a speaker for the iPhone. Simply plug your own iPhone docking stand into the side of the radio to use its built in speaker. It is not exactly portable, but it does look cool on your desk or in the home.

These are the details on the classic radio iPhone speaker;

It is in excellent original condition and its retro looks would look great on a kitchen shelf, when you are relaxing in the garden or out and about. The radio still picks up on the original long wave and medium wave frequencies, via its internal ferrite rod aerial, but with fewer stations available on these wavebands it was facing oblivion. With the aux in conversion it has a whole new lease of life. If you plug in an external device via the 3.5mm jack socket the radio switches automatically to pick up the external device and you can play your music, or any new fangled radio station you choose, via the BBC radio player app or other internet radio players. The volume can still be controlled with the radios controls.

This cool Dansette Gem Radio speaker system is going to cost you around $74 (£47).

Source: Etsy