Charge Up To Five Devices At Once With The PowerDock 5!

Many of us have more than one device that is going to need a charge now and then; the trouble is it seems that these gadgets are going to need charging at the time and means fighting over power points! However, thanks to the Griffin Technology PowerDock 5 up to five devices can be charged at the same time, which makes it handy for offices and the home.

These are the features for the Griffin Technology PowerDock 5;

Store and charge 5 iPads, iPhones or iPod touches simultaneously

Space-saving design for your countertop

Cables not included

Illuminated power status light

10 watts (5 volts DC @ 2.1 amps) for each charging bay

Accommodates iPad tablets in their cases

This interesting powerdock is going to cost you around $100 (£64).

Source: Griffin Technology

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