Stylish Looking Wooden Dock For The iPhone

If you are looking for a new dock for your iPhone, but want something more traditional then this wood dock valet might be just the thing. It will take almost all iPhone models, even with some cases fitted too, so it is very handy, but it will also keep those cables tidy as well as other stuff from your pockets, such as keys and your wallet. This is much more than just a dock, it is a valet!

Here are some features for the stylish wooden iPhone dock;

This iPhone 4, 4s, 5, dock/ valet was designed to accept apple IPhones with a case up to an Otterbox Defender in size. This dock also feature a convenient place to store eyeglasses or sun glasses. Wallets can be stowed away securely in a slot to the side of the dock. There is also plenty of storage at the rear of the dock for pocket items.

The cost of this cool looking dock in wood is around $36 (£25).

Source: Etsy