Wireless Charging With The WaveJuice Battery Pack!

The more that we use our Smartphone the more demand there is for a power boost during the day, but this is not always possible and as such that means we either end up with no battery or have to look at some other way of boosting the battery. The WaveJuice is a wireless charging device that will boost a Smartphone’s battery without the need of cables, a simple press of the button is enough to start the charging process.

This is how the WaveJuice will be working;

Wireless Charging – Use suitable accessory with your cell phone. Press the side button of WaveJuice. Put cell phone on top of WaveJuice at central position. Pop-up message of Wireless Charging will be shown on cell phone if successful. Video for Wireless Charging

USB Charging – Connect WaveJuice to any USB power-in device (e.g. cell phone) with USB cable. Press the side button of WaveJuice. 1A and 2.1A USB output can be used simultaneously

Prices for the WaveJuice will start from around $65 (£42) when pre-ordered on Indiegogo.

Source: Indiegogo