Get The Key To The Door With KeyMe!


Being locked out from home because you have lost your keys is the worst thing and it nearly always happens when it is dark, raining or both! So, this is where the KeyMe app comes in, the app allows the user to keep a copy of the key or keys on the iPhone and all you need to do is find a locksmith that is open and who will make you a copy. Job done! And it is handy to send a key to friends or family too through the KeyMe mail order service.

Here are just some of the features as to why KeyMe is a must have app;

Never get locked out again. KeyMe is a simple and secure way to store, copy, and share your keys.

Store Keys In The Cloud: Take a picture of your keys on your phone and create a digital version of your physical keychain. Access them from anywhere.

Share Keys With Friends and Family: Share a digital copy of your key instantly. The recipient can get a physical copy made through our mail order service, at one of our kiosks, or at a regular locksmith.

This handy app is free to download from iTunes right now!

Source: Key Me