Music Lights And Cool Sounds From The Glowdeck!


This is a sort of retro device that has been given a boost of the latest technology to bring it into the 21st century! Back in the 60’s all electronics would have been made with a wood finish and this trend is being tested again with the Glowdeck! However, there is more than that to this device, because it comes with a cool lighting system too, that will notify the user of calls, texts by flashing and it will synchronise with the music too to produce a wonderful light effect. The Glowdeck could easily become the centre of your communications and entertainment world.

Here are some details on how the Glowdeck will work with your home or office;

Glowdeck charges compatible mobile devices (see chart below) completely wirelessly. Simply place your phone on Glowdeck’s surface and it begins to charge just as if it were plugged into your wall charger. Choose the Glowdeck Multiple Device Edition to wirelessly charge up to two phones at the same time (the Single Device Edition wirelessly charges one phone at a time).

Currently the Glowdeck is not on general sale, but it can be pre-ordered with prices starting from around $100 (£65) and up!

Source: Justin Kaufman