The Beddit Device For Accurate Wellness Tracking!


There is nothing new about wellness trackers, you strap it on and it ticks away checking out how much exercise you are getting and more importantly how well you are doing! But the Beddit device takes this a step further, keeping track of sleep and how well this essential relaxation is working for, sleep is essential for fitness and the Beddit will make your that your sleep is the best sleep that you can get.

Here are the details on what makes the Beddit a cool way to track how fit you are;

Unlike other wellness trackers, Beddit does not require you to wear anything. You just place the ultra-thin Beddit sensor under your bed sheet and sleep on it. In the morning, you get a full report of your sleep quality, heart rate, breathing rhythm, movement, sleep stages, snoring, and the sleeping environment; noise level and light. You get also personalized coaching tips and guidance based on your results how you can improve your sleep and wellness.

Once in the stores expect to pay around $150 (£97) for the Beddit device, but for while, it can be pre-ordered from $100 (£64), which is a serious saving for the early bird.

Source: Beddit


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