IKEA Launch Home Design App


Those clever folks over at IKEA have come up with an interesting way to engage their customers. It is a new digital style catalogue that works just like have the real IKEA book in your hands. However, it is an app and as such, it offers ideas, features and covers around three hundred pages, so this is more than just a shopping catalogue it is a portable style guru.

Here is some information on the shopping app from IKEA

Just like the printed IKEA catalogue, the 2014 digital IKEA catalogue is packed with inspiration, home furnishing knowledge and ideas for free. This year, there’s a special focus on ideas for creating a better everyday life for families with children. The catalogue has around 300 pages, showing a selection of products from the total IKEA range. Through this application, you will also be able to download other publications from IKEA.

This is a free app available from iTunes and Google Play

Source: IKEA


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