Haptix Will Turn Any Surface Into A Multitouch Surface!


Smartphone’s gave us touchscreen technology and it can be found almost everywhere, from tablets to tables, but only where the technology has been installed. For the rest of us it is a matter of making do, but it does not have to be that way especially if a device called Haptix can get enough funding in place. The Haptix device is very clever because once connected it can turn any flat surface such as a table top into a multitouch surface that is easy and fast to use.

Here is why the Haptix device could revolutionise entertainment for us;

Haptix turns ANY surface into a multitouch surface. It is a sleek bar that you can place flat or clip on something elevated to enable multitouch on any flat surface, such as a table, window, or screen. You can then control any computer by tapping, pinching to zoom, or swiping to scroll on that surface itself. It’s as intuitive and natural as a multitouch screen, just without the actual screen.

Once in the stores this device will cost around $70 (£45), but currently it can be pre-ordered from as low as $59 (38) but only if your are quick!

Source: Kickstarter