PortPilot Checks USB Ports For Dangers!


We all need a nice and empty USB port now and then, in order to charge up our Smartphone’s and other devices. However, when you are in a strange place how sure are you that the vacant USB is safe to use? It could be the voltage, steal your data or plant a virus, how would you know? Well with the PortPilot, all you do it place the device into the port and its checks it for you, now you know if it is safe to use and it is the right voltage too, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

This is how both versions of the PortPilot work;

PortPilot protects you from rogue chargers by preventing data transfer to or from your phone, and blocks a charger that is putting out the wrong voltage. Use PortPilot to practice safe charging!

PortPilot Pro – made for hardware, software, and firmware developers – provides even more features, including a display with detailed information and the ability to pass data through to the connected device, allowing you to monitor the energy consumed by USB devices during normal use.

You can pre-order the PortPilot, prices start from $30 (£20) for the entry level device.

Source: Indiegogo


Written by David Allen

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