The HiRise Stand For A Stylish Desk!


Smartphone stands are handy as they allow you to use the device and do other things, but many of these stands are not really up to much and certainly do not live up to the standard of the device. However, there is the HiRise stand it is only for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, but it looks great if you have one of those devices. The HiRise lives up to its name too by lifting the device up clear of the desk and allowing for free access for the cable, while leaving the speakers free from obstruction too. This is a real stylish looking stand that goes in with the modern features of the iPhone and iPad, it is a pity it does not work with other devices.

These are the features and details for the cool looking HiRise stand;

HiRise for iPhone 5/iPad mini is a beautiful, brushed metal stand designed to work with your Apple Lightning Cable (not included) – and virtually any iPhone/iPad mini case. Place HiRise in your workspace to charge while your hands are free during calls and FaceTime chats. Unlike most other docks, HiRise doesn’t block your speakers, mic or headphone ports.

The cost of the entry level HiRise stand is around $35 (£23).

Source: Twelve South