Send A Text Message When There Is No Signal!


Most of us are used to looking at our Smartphone’s and seeing some signal, but there are many places in the world where there is no phone signal at all and therefore it’s impossible to send a text message, even in an emergency! However, for a small investment, you can carry your text message hot spot around with you and therefore send a text from literally anywhere in the world. That is what ROM Communications Text Anywhere does and there are all sorts of reasons for signing up.

This is how the Text Anywhere website explains the service;

The Text Anywhere 4″ device is fully self contained and runs on standard AA batteries or the included vehicle power adapter. Using Text Anywhere is a simple 3-step process, turn on the power, select Text Anywhere as your Wi-Fi network and open your browser to access the built-in web page application. Send and receive full 160 character cellular text messages or text based emails. Your online account lets you enable or disable features such as security, Social Media or the free location proximity link that allows friends and family to see where you are (not intended for tracking or rescue).

The Text Anywhere device will set you back around $399 (£256).

Source: Text Anywhere