Finally The Bicycle Bell Has Been Redesigned!


The bicycle bell sounds like something that should have died years ago and in fact, it might as well have done. But now, it is back and this time it has been redesigned for modern living and lifestyles! The idea of a bell stuck onto the handlebars is still there, it is just that the now the bell has been designed for safety reasons rather than for fun. The Spurcycle is the reinvented bicycle bell, it has style, design and looks very cool just as you would expect it to be!

Here is some information on the completely new design for the bicycle bell;

Our objective was simple: design a bell that is exceedingly effective in a busy, urban environment AND that looks sexy on any bike. We tasked ourselves with distilling your average clunker bell into a smaller, more potent, and more streamlined form—befitting even a peleton-crushing road bike. To do so forced us to reconsider every design aspect and engineer to a higher standard.

This new style of bike bell can be pre-ordered from just $35 (£23).

Source: Spurcycle