The Cool Looking Pebble Watch By Bulbul!


Watches these days tend to be based on the latest technology, with LEDs and binary displays. However, when you just want to know the time, them something that is classy and stylish is what is needed! This is where the Pebble Watch comes in; it is designed by the Copenhagen based company Bulbol, who have used the best possible materials to produce a quality watch to be proud of.

These are the details for the interesting

Bulbul is a contemporary Danish watch brand.

We work with cherry picked creatives that represent the best of today’s generation of designers.

Launched in Copenhagen, 2013 by entrepreneur and business nomad Jacob Juul.

Bulbul strives to merge cool Copenhagen creativity with industry craftsmanship.

If you have been seduced by the style and design of the Bulbul watch range, then expect to pay out around $440 (£282) for it, but remember this is a quality watch.

Source: Bulbul