Love Coffee Hate Queuing! Theres An App For That!


One day we will all be able to order a freshly made coffee from our favourite coffee store through an app, but until then it seems like we are destined to queue up for caffeine fix with everyone else! However, Briggo in the US have come up with the first intelligent coffee machine where a robot makes the perfect brew and the customer orders through the Briggo app on their Smartphone! Is this the way to go for the future of coffee drinking or is it still better to go into the store and enjoy the atmosphere?

According to the Briggo Facebook page, this is how the Briggo intelligent coffee machine will serve you;

Through the perfect combination of the best coffee ingredients and robotic technology, Briggo’s mission is to empower people to create their perfect cup of coffee, integrating seamlessly into their active lives and enabling them to easily share their experience with their community. The first Briggo Coffee Haus is located at the Flawn Academic Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

So far the first robot Coffee House powered by Briggo is at the University of Texas-Austin.

Source: Briggo