Get Social With The New theQ Camera!


Like Smartphone’s, new cameras are becoming more of a social tool than just a device for taking images and theQ is no different. It comes from Scandinavia, so it is going to have a fun and fresh feel to it, which it does. This camera comes in a wide range of funky colours, its waterproof and more than anything else, its fun. Just how a modern camera should be!

According to the official website, this why theQ is cool and exciting;

theQ is the world’s first social camera, uploading your photos to the internet automatically. Store unlimited photos online in theQ LAB. Cope with any lighting conditions thanks to theQ ring flash. It’s waterproof and even idiot-proof. A thousand words? Forget it. With theQ, you can make your pictures worth a million.

This camera is social and stylish, but it is going to cost you around $200 (£130), which is not too bad for a state of the camera.

Source: The Q Camera