The Ola Solar Backpack Charges Your Gadgets As You Walk!


Here is the ideal backpack for anyone who loves the outdoor lifestyle, but who also loves his or her gadgets too! It looks like a regular backpack, but it comes with a built in flexible solar panel that is capable of charging any device with a rechargeable battery pack. So that means, Smartphone’s, tablets, sat navs and cameras. It is the green way to keep your gadgets fully charged while being away from mains power.

According to the Ola Solar website, this is how the backpack will work;

The solar backpack is designed with a flexible, removable solar panel and a variety of power adapters, which enables you to charge directly your electrical device no matter where you may be. It also gives you the option to charge a lithium-ion battery or any kind of rechargeable batteries with a USB connection, which can be used in moments when it is not possible to connect up directly to the sun.

We have no prices or details of availability for the Ola Solar backpack at the moment.

Source: Ola Solar