Ford Go Further With The EcoBoost Engine

It makes no difference if you are a driver or not, Ford is a brand that is easily recognisable around the globe and now more than ever technology is playing a bigger part in the way that Ford designs its cars and engines. This is an essential requirement for any new car design these days.

Ford has released a series of new and interesting videos to show off the type of technology that is being built into the latest models. Personally we think that this is the coolest way to show the technology in action, as reading is so one dimensional. With the videos, you are able to each feature in action and they really work in getting the message across.

The videos are available to view at the new Ford website that they are calling Go Further it cleverly brings together the message that Ford is a moving with the times in both technologies for the car and the use of technology for the driver. What’s more, you can even share these ideas with family and friends to see what they think of Ford progress in this area.
One of the more interesting features that Ford is telling us about is the new EcoBoost engine where power and low emissions are the key features. It is not that often that power and eco can be used to describe an engine, but somehow Ford have managed just with this small 1.0 litre engine that has been put through its passes on the world famous Nurburgring racing circuit in Germany.
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