Making Images Look Real With The iLusio


Most tablet computer users will have hundreds if not thousands of images stored on the device, so wouldn’t it be rather interesting if one of these images could be made into a 3D image with no glasses needed! Well this is exactly what iLusio will be offering when it goes into production. It is an amazing piece of kit and there are so many uses for it at home, business and in education too.

According to Feddow Claassen the guy behind the iLusio design, this is what he has to say about the idea;

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take 3-D images into the real world? Well now you can! No special glasses required! With any tablet and the i-Lusio , you can make 3-D images come more to life than ever before!

We do not know what the retail price of the iLusio is going to be, but we do know that it can be pre-ordered from just $44 (£29).

Source: iLusio