The Sesame Ring For Worry Free Travel!


Commuting today usually means charging up a card and swiping it when you enter and leave the station or bus. It is a good idea, but you still need to open your wallet and purse, which sort of defeats the object! The Sesame Ring is a design thought up out of the desire to commute without have to take a wallet at all. The ring is charged with cash and then used in the same as a card would be. The rings can be personalised with up to four letters or with a some other custom design in Gold or Silver and then to complete the personalisation there is a choice of Black, White, Red, Blue, Orange or Yellow for main part of ring, which is produced via a 3D Printer!

This is the background story for the ring that can do more than just look good on your finger;

Having missed the train many times while fishing for our Charlie Cards (smart cards used for public transportation in Massachusetts), we looked for a solution in wearable technology. After months of hard work, we created the 3D-printed Sesame Ring, supported by the MBTA. Now, you can walk right up to the gantry, use scientifically approved magic, and scoot on through!

At the moment the Sesame Ring is up for pre-orders with prices starting from around $20 (£13).

Source: Ring Theory