Blue Deck With Blue LED Wheels Its The Sunset Wave!


Skateboarding gets cosy with the ocean as the Sunset Wave skateboard goes on sale. This is a true blue design right from the clear blue polycarbonate deck through to the wheels with built in blue LED’s! However, there is much more to this design than just blue, it is a performance skateboard that provides speed and strength together with the style and design. Isn’t that what skateboarding is all about!

These are the features for the brilliant bright blue skateboard with LED’s;

All you lovers of Mother Ocean have a new way to shred with our all-blue Sunset “Wave” board.  Like a cool, refreshing blue wave rolling down the streets, your blue Flare LED Wheels will turn heads and let everybody know that surfing doesn’t always have to take place in the water.  Just make sure you let anyone who gets freaked out know that you’re not a tsunami.

This cool looking skateboard in ice blue is going to cost you around $100 (£63).

Source: Sunset Skateboards